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Who We Are?

Business transformation organization empowering innovators and SMBs globally with turnkey, ready-to-deploy businesses innovations through network of partners, aggregators, and global centre of excellence. We offer end-to-end business solutions through technology innovations. We have offices in the UAE, United States, Canada, the Philippines, and India. Through technological innovations, our business units work together with our B2B clients in fundamental business transformation- information technology, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

We aspire to be the best-in-class business for our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction.

Svastir Group

17 Years Of Business Excellence

200+ employees

Our professionals and experts are working around the world.

4 Research Centers

We are present all over the world-USA | Canada | Philippines | India

Global Process

We have global unified processes and operations across the organization.

Equal Opportunities To All

We provide all of our employees with the same chance to accomplish organisational objectives.

Women Driven Organization

Our female employee to male employee ratio is 55 to 45, with women holding the majority of the top positions.

Virtual-hybrid Work System

Our CEO has been quite open about his views on remote work cultures and has a strong faith in all employees since the company’s inception in 2005.

Business Units


Tech Solutions for Business Innovation


Accelerate Your Digital Life with Open Source


Comprehensive Population Health-care Management



Local Base Global Face

Our Capabilities

We Support the entire Digital Transformation Journey

Customer acquisition and front end
Operational effectiveness
Teche infrastructure services
Backoffice Services
Integration with 3rd party

Industries We Serve

Our Competencies

Skills & Expertise

Dynamically Innovate

Our professionals are creative and constantly develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions that accelerate business growth and keep businesses one step ahead of the competition

Customer Relationship
Customer Satisfaction
Domain Knowledge
Project Management
Entrepreneurial Employee
Pankaj Khare- CEO

Pankaj Khare


Our Team

We are a passionate team dedicated to providing high-quality, eco-friendly products and services that promote health and wellness with effective use of technology. Our mission is to create a sustainable future for both people and the planet. Join us on our journey towards a healthier, happier world.

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